What other types of IF are there?

These include primarily OMAD (one meal a day), the 5:2 Diet, and the Alternate Day Fast (ADF). Also known as ‘The Warrior Diet’, OMAD is practiced as long-term habit and typically requires a work-up period of 16:8s, 20:4s, and 24-hour fasts. The 5:2 focuses on fasting during specific days of the week. For this approach, individuals will eliminate or severely restrict their calories for two (non-consecutive) days of the week and then resume their normal diet for the other five days. Finally, the basic premise of ADF is to fast on one day and eat what you want the next day, repeating the cycle throughout the week. Some modified ADF approaches allow you to consume up to 500 calories for women, and up to 600 calories for men on your fasting days.