Stay On Track$199 ProLon® + 2 FREE FAST PACKS

Stay On Track$199 ProLon® + 2 FREE FAST PACKS

Get all the benefits of the ProLon 5-day fast plus two 1-day fast packs to keep you on track between cycles of ProLon.

For a limited time, keep your fasting goals between ProLon cycles with two of our 1-day Fast Packs.
Each Fast Pack includes all the contents you need for a single day fast.

ProLon® + 2 FREE Fast Packs

Trust Pilot 5 Star ReviewThis was my first 5 day. I was amazed about how I was rarely hungry and how much energy I had. Highly recommend!!
Michele Kehrer
Trust Pilot 5 Star ReviewThe best fasting product out there.

Very healthy, I felt renewed and ready to continue my journey to a healthier me.

Monica Monroy & Jonathan Garcia
Trust Pilot 5 Star ReviewGreat diet. Second time. Got easier. And the results are amazing - lost 4kg (9-10 lbs) in 5 days and I feel great.
Elad Shoushan

ProLon® + 2 FREE Fast Packs

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  • 1x ProLon 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet
  • 2 FREE One-Day Fast Packs

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