A Better You
In Just 5 Days

With The ProLon®
Fasting Mimicking Diet®

The Fasting Mimicking Diet® gives you all the Benefits of a 5-Day Fast… While Enjoying Food

Benefits of the Fasting Mimicking Diet

Enhance Performance:

Feel greater focus, clarity and energy, through the benefits of a leaner body.

Fat Focused Weight Loss:

Fastest way to lose fat (especially belly fat) while protecting lean body mass.

Enhance Cellular Renewal:

Trigger stem cell-based regeneration and autophagy, (the clean up of aging & damaged cells) & promote stem cell-based renewal.

Metabolic Health:

Maintain healthy levels of blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as markers of inflammation for overall wellness.

Helps support the body’s natural functions to:

Enter into a protective and stress resistant mode

Remove damaged cells and tissues

Promote self-repair through cellular regeneration and rejuvenation

Optimize Your Health Span

At ProLon, we want to help as many people as possible to achieve the best health span they can through the power of nutrition.
The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is the first and only clinically tested, scientific breakthrough in Fasting Mimicking
technology that gives your body the stem cell-based rejuvenation of a 5-day fast while getting to eat real food.

$36 Million Dollars and Decades of Research With Over 28 Articles Published on The Fasting Mimicking Diet

What Customers, Our Experts, and the Media Say About ProLon

“As the owner of a wellness company, I plan to encourage my clients to participate with this excellent nutritional program.”

Joan BrackinSponsored - Founder, Thrive After Corporaterachelhunter.com

“I love this program! I lost a few pounds to get ready for a photo shoot, but even better than that, I went 5 days without any added sugar. It felt like a miracle!  During the 5 days on the program I slept normally, had enough energy, & found the food absolutely delicious.”

Jenny HuttSponsored

“Professor Valter Longo’s Fasting Mimicking Diet is the best beauty product and secret that I have discovered”.

Rachel HunterSponsored - Supermodel, Actor, TV star, Businesswomanrachelhunter.com

“I have now dropped 14 pounds…  I have stayed on a very healthy diet after my first ProLon as it was the springboard for my transition to health and happiness.  I had my blood test done pre and post and the results are very encouraging and I wasn’t unhealthy to start.”

Jake OrvilleSponsored - President and CEO at Cleveland HeartLab – Cleveland Heartlab

“By eating the healthy, clean ProLon products for just 5 days, I have experienced the lasting effect of being 7 pounds lighter, more energy and mental clarity than ever, and most importantly, adopting positive nutritional habits after just one round of ProLon.”

Hooman FakkiSponsored - CEO H2 Wellness Inc.

“Following my endocrinologist Dr. Maria Tulpan’s recommendation, I completed the five-day ProLon meal plan six months ago and have maintained my results since. As a result of ProLon, my blood sugar is lower, my elevated cholesterol was reduced to a normal level, I am 12 pounds lighter, I’m sleeping better, and I am on less medication. I found myself making better and more mindful choices even after the five days were over. It’s truly unbelievable. Plus, the food was good!”

Bill L.Sponsored

“As an integrative physician, I am faced with patients hoping to feel better, have more energy, and lower their risk of chronic disease. The fact that ProLon utilizes the body’s natural healing pathways to support health has resulted in my patients enthusiastically embracing this unique program.”

Felice Gersh, M.D.Board certified gynecologist – Integrative MGI

“The ProLon plan is well organized and easy to follow… My fiancée and I have done it multiple times over the past few months, with amazing results. The effect of reduced appetite and stronger self-control lingers on for weeks … He lost over 15 lbs. of fat while I lost those last 4-5 lbs. I wanted to lose for a while. And we both feel great! I’ve recommended ProLon to more than 100 patients.”

Maria Tulpan, M.D.Endocrinologist and Internist, New York City

Our Proprietary Nutri-Technology

is Designed to Unlock Your Body’s Ability to

Turn on autophagy to clear away damaged cells

Promote stem cell-based renewal

Release excess fat and inches

Generate greater energy, focus and clarity

$36 Million in Research

We applied $36 million in research, and decades of ground breaking science from The Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California (USC) to bring you a more youthful, healthier you in just 5-days!

$36 Million Dollars and Decades of Research With Over 28 Articles Published on The Fasting Mimicking Diet

Introducing ProLon



With ProLon, you will successfully complete a 5-day fast while nourishing your body and avoiding the low energy that can be associated with water only fasts. ProLon gives you the benefits of a 5-Day fast without giving up food, going too hungry, or eating lots of unnatural ingredients. In just 5-days, you will experience the amazing benefits of fasting without having to skip a meal.

The 5-Day Fast You Can Do!

What happens to me on the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet?

The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet comes with benefits that far surpass other types of diets and even water and intermittent fasting! These benefits come from a proprietary mixture of micro and macro-nutrients that work together to put your body into a fasting state, while nourishing you for a safer (than water-only) fast that also helps maintain energy levels. At the end, you can expect to experience a leaner, more energetic version of yourself.

The Benefits Continue After The 5 Days End

Stem cell-based rejuvenation continues for up to 5 days after you complete the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet and return to your regular healthy meal plan.

Does ProLon Taste Good?

Is it hard to imagine giving up food for 5 days, but even harder to think of eating really awful food instead? If so, you’re probably wondering: How does ProLon taste?

ProLon is unlike any other scientifically food-based program available. While the science that makes the program work was developed in a lab, the food wasn’t.

This program was specifically designed knowing people had to be able to stick with it for the full 5-days which meant it had to taste good and be filling. So, we went to Italy and spent time consulting with professional chefs to capture the farm-to-table flavor you love while making sure the food followed the protocols that make FMD work. With ProLon, you enjoy the taste, texture, and satisfied feeling that comes from eating good food.

Get the full benefits of a long fast without giving up food, going too hungry, or quitting early with ProLon.

Is ProLon Right For Me?

ProLon was designed for people who are busy and on the go. ProLon works from anywhere and gets you all the health benefits of fasting in just 5-days.

With ProLon, you get everything you need to successfully complete your fast right out of the box.  All the food is conveniently portioned and pre-packaged into mini
day boxes that make it easy to transport when you’re on the go.

However, not everyone can use ProLon (for example, those with certain medical conditions). To find out if ProLon is for you, click the button below.

Make a Difference with Every Purchase

The inventor of ProLon, Dr. Valter Longo generously donates all profits from his 60% share in L-Nutra to the Create Cures Foundation.

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