health care providers

Health Care Providers

ProLon® is available to patients of a Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Anti-Aging Specialist, Acupuncturist, Naturopath, or Chiropractors who is licensed to practice in the United States and perform within the scope of their practice as defined by U.S. law.

1. As a health care provider, you need to first “REGISTER“ on this site to buy the product for your clinic and sell it to your patients or provide your patients with your registration code, thereby approving them for purchasing ProLon® on this page.

2. Once you have received your password, please click “LOG IN” to access your online account and buy ProLon®.



3 Ways to Get ProLon®

If you are interested in ordering ProLon, you need either a health care provider’s approval via his or her registration code for ProLon, or you need to receive clearance through a health self-assessment survey and participate in a guidance session with a dietitian or nurse practitioner. There are three ways to arrange for ProLon purchase approval:

1. Take Health Self-Assessment Survey and have follow-up discussion with dietitian or nurse practitioner. CLICK HERE to take a self-assessment survey to determine if ProLon is appropriate for you and whether you can purchase it now or you need to have a physician consultation. If after answering the questions additional clarification is required, you will be asked to consult with a physician before purchasing ProLon. However, if after completing the survey no additional clarification is required, then the final step before your order is shipped will be scheduling and having a call with a dietitian or nurse practitioner for guidance on the ProLon diet.

2. See your own healthcare provider about whether ProLon is right for you. CLICK HERE to download and print out information on ProLon and how your health care provider can obtain a registration approval code for you to purchase ProLon. Then, share this ProLon information sheet with your health care provider during your visit. Your health care provider will need to REGISTER on this site and obtain his or her registration code for an order to be placed.

3. Use our telemedicine doctor consultation service. Although we recommend you visit a health care provider in their office, if you prefer to consult using our free telemedicine doctor service, please CLICK HERE. You can request that a telemedicine doctor contact you to determine if ProLon is appropriate for you and purchase ProLon directly from that doctor.

Once you have healthcare provider approval, you will use the approval code the practitioner provides you to complete the registration and order ProLon® for yourself.
Please follow these steps:

Click “Register” to create an online account and receive your password.

Then click “Log In” to access your online account, insert your
practitioner’s code and buy ProLon®.